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all the essential parenting information - in one place

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Some parents float through their parenting years and never seem to encounter problems, or need advice or parental guides and still produce well balanced, happy kids. For the rest of us, there will be times when we need some type of information, advice and tips, so here at Allkids we've tried to put together a fundemental resource which should be able to answer most of your problems, or point you in the right direction for the answer.

  • Children's Development

    Most children follow a similar learning development path, but with different time scales. These sites ony give a general indication of ages and stages. Each child is unique

  • Children's Health

    Common Childhood Ailments, Spots and Rashes, Basic First Aid, Kids General Health and Children's Safety

  • Kids Healthy Eating

    Kids and family healthy eating resources, recipes and information. School food, vegetarian recipes, organic food and children's basic nutrition

  • Common Childhood Problems - Help, Support & Advice

    The most common childhood problems occur in most families and if recognized early and 'nipped in the bud', they shouldn't really become a major problem

  • Childcare Services

    Information on Child Care Solutions - Child Minders, Nannies, Au Pairs, Nursery Schools - questions to ask, what to look out for and best advice and help

  • Education and Schools

    From fun filled sites for toddlers, through to the National Curriculum for Nursery, Recepton, KS1, KS2 and SEN resources. Ofsted reports, subscription learning, alternative education and home schooling information and help

  • Parenting Help & Information

    Parenting help and information. Experiencing problems with DHSS, Tax Credits, Divorce etc - tons of resources to help you find the best advice

  • Single Parents and Alternative Families

    With many families now consisting of one parent, just dads, grandparents, foster carers, adoptive families, disabled parents - each with their own problems - it's good to know their are tons of useful sites with useful advice and information

  • Parenting Blogs

    We all need a bit of support from other parents from time to time - put your feet up for five minutes and connect with others.

  • Free Stuff

    There's tons of free stuff on the internet, if you know where to look - we've listed some of the main sites and organizations.

  • Parenting Humour

    Parenting is the toughest job in the world, easy to get wrong but brilliant when it all works out - take a breather, relax and smile