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0 - 1 Year Old Development

Ages and Stages  -  One Year Old - development milestones

Babies learn so much in their first year, especially after their, hopefully, sleepy first few weeks. Below is an indication as to what to expect in the first 12 months. NB: THIS IS ONLY AN INDICATION - EVERY BABY IS UNIQUE AND WILL ACCOMPLISH MILESTONES AT DIFFERENT AGES, SOME QUICKER, SOME SLOWER

Months 1 - 3

  • Respond to sound and notice bright lights
  • be able to focus and stare at faces
  • make gurgling sounds
  • follow close objects
  • know familiar voices
  • smile, laugh and hold head steady
  • reach for toys and roll over
  • recognize familiar faces
  • kick legs and discover both hands

Months 4 - 6

  • Laugh and smile
  • stand steady when being held
  • reach out for and hold toys
  • roll over
  • recognize familiar voices 
  • respond to their name
  • imitate sounds and gestures
  • sit without support
  • make more babbling and chatter sounds
  • hold simple food and feed themselves

Months 7 - 9

  • feed themselves finger food
  • try to reach toys by wriggling about
  • play simple games, like peek-a-boo
  • imitate sounds
  • pass toys from hand to hand and bang them together
  • start crawling
  • wave bye bye
  • start saying mama and dada
  • try to feed themselves with a spoon
  • don't like being separated from mum and dad, wary of strangers
  • hold onto something and stand and maybe walk
  • understands 'no'
  • drink from a cup

Months 10 - 12 months

  • walk holding onto furniture
  • use pincer grasp to pick up objects
  • knows who Mama and Dada are
  • responds to name
  • play simple games like patty cake and ball tossing
  • help tidy up
  • clap hands and wave goodbye
  • talk baby talk incessently
  • say a few extra words
  • crawl well and maybe walk a few steps
  • can indicate needs and understand basic instructions
  • pull off socks

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